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Chapter 1: God
Chapter 2: Spirit
Chapter 3: Heaven
Chapter 4: Heavenly Hosts
Chapter 5: Angels
Chapter 6: Deity
Chapter 7: Divinity
Chapter 8: Son's of God
Chapter 9: Daughter's of God
Chapter 10: Eternal Life
Chapter 11: Law
Chapter 12: Creation
Chapter 13: Universe
Chapter 14: Worlds
Chapter 15: Career
Chapter 16: Man
Chapter 17: Family
Chapter 18: Marriage
Chapter 19: Society
Chapter 20: Ethics & Morals
Chapter 21: Earth
Chapter 22: Service
Chapter 23: Justice
Chapter 24: Love
Chapter 25: Mercy
Chapter 26: Sin (7 Deadly)
Chapter 27: Evil
Chapter 28: Temptation
Chapter 29: Hell
Chapter 30: Religion
Chapter 31: War
Chapter 32: Health
Chapter 33: Food
Chapter 34: Sex
Chapter 35: Loyalty
Chapter 36: Money
Chapter 37: Death
Chapter 38: Resurection
Chapter 39: The Soul
Chapter 40: Conclusion

Chapter 3: Heaven

Heaven is all things that exist within the consciousness of God, your world exists within the consciousness of God, your world exists in heaven. It is said "As above, so below, as within so without", ass all things exist in Heaven, there is no above or below and nothing is without.

Many worlds in your universe are aware of this and life on them is the same as that in paradise, they are paradise on earth.

When we are born here, we bring with us the spirit of heaven. This little peice of heaven is a fragment (seed) of all the life that is. It has three parts to it, 1 will, 2 personality, 3 spirit, from which the emortal soul grows. Heaven is the soil in which the seed is sown, earth is part of that garden.

We, All, are part of Heaven, our parents are our caretakers till we can take care of ourselves, till we can stand on our own in heaven.

We know heaven exists within the consciousness of God, and we are also aware that we exist in heaven. We know who we are and why we are here, to become the sovereign of our own universe (spiritual life).

Heaven offers us the experience and wisdom of all ages past, we can build our life on and through the experiences and wisdom of those who have achieved their own God like nature.

In heaven there is order, the same on earth, but this order is dependant on experince and maturity os spirit, not on public opinion. Universe and worlds can be created and destroyed by the personal exercise of the spirit. As on earth, we have our Masters Apprentices. Spirits are taught the use of their minds, emotions, knowledge and maturity, to create an element, mineral, blade of grass, animal, world or universe. Heaven can be considered and endless university of learning and sovereign experince.

How do you get to heaven? Well you are already in it, but at its lowest point of experintial reality. Everything you do in this world is a minute aspect and limited power potential for harm, we dont want you in your new life here to accidentally blow yourself up (end before you even began to live).

You are free to create, to experince, to live all the blessings of heaven, having full personal responsibility to be yourself, without the ability to affect the laws that created and maintiain this world. It may take you a billion years of earth time in heaven, but learn them you will for all that is God is available to his spirit children.

Many great things that heaven has do not appear on this world at this time, but they existed before your world had a rebellion from God, you know this as Satan (the rebellious one), and recently as Caligula Augusta, these two events have caused the powers of heaven to be withdrawn from mortal man. Soon they will be returned to a generation that is able to maturely use them, heaven again will be seen on earth.

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