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Chapter 1: God
Chapter 2: Spirit
Chapter 3: Heaven
Chapter 4: Heavenly Hosts
Chapter 5: Angels
Chapter 6: Deity
Chapter 7: Divinity
Chapter 8: Son's of God
Chapter 9: Daughter's of God
Chapter 10: Eternal Life
Chapter 11: Law
Chapter 12: Creation
Chapter 13: Universe
Chapter 14: Worlds
Chapter 15: Career
Chapter 16: Man
Chapter 17: Family
Chapter 18: Marriage
Chapter 19: Society
Chapter 20: Ethics & Morals
Chapter 21: Earth
Chapter 22: Service
Chapter 23: Justice
Chapter 24: Love
Chapter 25: Mercy
Chapter 26: Sin (7 Deadly)
Chapter 27: Evil
Chapter 28: Temptation
Chapter 29: Hell
Chapter 30: Religion
Chapter 31: War
Chapter 32: Health
Chapter 33: Food
Chapter 34: Sex
Chapter 35: Loyalty
Chapter 36: Money
Chapter 37: Death
Chapter 38: Resurection
Chapter 39: The Soul
Chapter 40: Conclusion

Chapter 26: Sin (7 Deadly)

I wish to speak to you about Sin, Sin in our existence is the knowingly and willfully doing things against your own God like nature that will eventually lead to the death of your spirit.

No one, nor een God who gave you the gift of eternal life, nor any of the Heavenly Host, noone but yourself can give up what you have. I am not talking about the moments of depression when you feel like cursing God and dying or when you are feel you are a miserable failure or even to eveil to live in the presence of God. These are not unto death of the Spirit, they may delay your conscious knowing of who you are.

Even in these acts you are still able to discern the difference, even in the most vilest acts, just knowing this difference is not unto death, for even the most henious Hell will not hold those who know they are there.

There are 7 sins that when taken to excess in this world, will eventualy lead to the death of the earthly body, and eventually if carried with you to the next life will be the death of the spirit.

1: Anger, as you act without thinking and this often deprives the life of another. This is also associated with hate, malice, bullying and aggression. Hands that shed innocent blood

2: Envy: as you hold ideas about another whether true or false without first looking at your own. This is also associated with jealousy, spite and pride. A heart that devises wicked plots

3: Pride: as you stop accepting information from another, you stop learning, this is were your live your life on your own knowledge, good or bad will be the result of what you call your complete self. To some point as we grow in this world we are a result of our learning, but we will never be complete as we are eternal, and eternal means no end to experinceing new things, some of us here on earth have never seen an ant being born, and some of us in heaven have never seen the unknown become life.

4: Gluttony: as you eat more than your body needs, you slowly poison your body causing it to prematurely age, this is also associated with greed and lust. Feet that are swift to run into mischief

5: Theft: as you loose respect for that of your own making, you destroy your own creation, this is also associated with extravigance and sloth. Him that soweth discord among brethren

6: Lying: as you deny your own true self, as well as the lives of another, this is also associated with theft. Your own existence is at threat as the spirit acts on all your lies and produces a negative result, right or wrong you create your future, both life and self. A deceitful witness that uttereth lies

7: Remorse: or Gross self doubt as you stop yourself from progressing, as all the past becomes your future. I do not mean feelings of sorry for events of sin or asking for mercy and forgivness as these remove past events from your memory, as well as your spiritual record of your life. But continually remembering them or physically and mentally acting against your own God like nature can damage your spititual growth.

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