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Chapter 1: God
Chapter 2: Spirit
Chapter 3: Heaven
Chapter 4: Heavenly Hosts
Chapter 5: Angels
Chapter 6: Deity
Chapter 7: Divinity
Chapter 8: Son's of God
Chapter 9: Daughter's of God
Chapter 10: Eternal Life
Chapter 11: Law
Chapter 12: Creation
Chapter 13: Universe
Chapter 14: Worlds
Chapter 15: Career
Chapter 16: Man
Chapter 17: Family
Chapter 18: Marriage
Chapter 19: Society
Chapter 20: Ethics & Morals
Chapter 21: Earth
Chapter 22: Service
Chapter 23: Justice
Chapter 24: Love
Chapter 25: Mercy
Chapter 26: Sin (7 Deadly)
Chapter 27: Evil
Chapter 28: Temptation
Chapter 29: Hell
Chapter 30: Religion
Chapter 31: War
Chapter 32: Health
Chapter 33: Food
Chapter 34: Sex
Chapter 35: Loyalty
Chapter 36: Money
Chapter 37: Death
Chapter 38: Resurection
Chapter 39: The Soul
Chapter 40: Conclusion

Chapter 24: Love

If you can know the feelings of God?

If you can see the emotions of God?

Then you would have a basic glimpse of love.

All that is comes from what is known and felt, it originates out of nothing, it is first unseen then seen.

The nothing comes to life by being differentiated from itself, the knowing becomes the known. How can nothing differentiate itself? By knowing it is nothing and choosing to become something.

Love has been known by many things and names, but love is the differentiation of nothing, if you had no feelings for anything and over time love grows, that which was nothing has become something to you.

They say, "Love at first sight" but you would have known that person in some way before you actually met them and recognised that love in them.

When a man and woman meet, they decide to make their lives together, love grows.

Physical attraction and desire form the initial bond, then love grows, but many relationships end (die) as love does not grow. The result of this is that children learn it is ok to fail and often getinvolved with many frivilious relationships.

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