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Chapter 1: God
Chapter 2: Spirit
Chapter 3: Heaven
Chapter 4: Heavenly Hosts
Chapter 5: Angels
Chapter 6: Deity
Chapter 7: Divinity
Chapter 8: Son's of God
Chapter 9: Daughter's of God
Chapter 10: Eternal Life
Chapter 11: Law
Chapter 12: Creation
Chapter 13: Universe
Chapter 14: Worlds
Chapter 15: Career
Chapter 16: Man
Chapter 17: Family
Chapter 18: Marriage
Chapter 19: Society
Chapter 20: Ethics & Morals
Chapter 21: Earth
Chapter 22: Service
Chapter 23: Justice
Chapter 24: Love
Chapter 25: Mercy
Chapter 26: Sin (7 Deadly)
Chapter 27: Evil
Chapter 28: Temptation
Chapter 29: Hell
Chapter 30: Religion
Chapter 31: War
Chapter 32: Health
Chapter 33: Food
Chapter 34: Sex
Chapter 35: Loyalty
Chapter 36: Money
Chapter 37: Death
Chapter 38: Resurection
Chapter 39: The Soul
Chapter 40: Conclusion

Chapter 21: Earth

Earth is one of the many inhabited planets (worlds in your universe, it is not the youngest, but it is the most spiritually immature due to many rebellions buy its governing councils and their sovereign leaders. Your world has had its direct sovereignty susspended, but it soon will be restored.

Earth is the most diverse of all the worlds in your universe, it has the greatest variety of mineral, plant, animal and mortal beings than any other. Due to this diversity earth is the hardest of all the planets (worlds) for social harmony, it is the testing ground for the most spiritually evolved beings, the creator sons and daughters of god.

Earth is an experiencial world, which means no final outcome can be decided, as the ways of achieving your spiritual growth are endless, no two people will ever experince the same thing, though the methods, laws, knowledge and experinces are the same for all, the personality is as different as snow flakes, and even in the most violent snow storm, no two snow flakes are created the same, why, the laws that create the design of the snow flake only state that snow flakes can be created, a combination of water, cold, energy, humidity change every micro second (more than a million times changes a second).

On earth as on other worlds, millions of babies are born each second, each unique as snowflakes. But on earth instead of being born to a world settled in light and life, they are born to a world of many thousands of cultures, languages, laws and religions, this makes it hard for them to know who they are and many who have kept their own god like nature have returned home, they have taken many thousands of your earth years to know this.

Many millions have returned home and for one reason or another, they have not known or become aware of who they are and have decided not to cintinue their heavenly career, they are given a period of rest (in Eden) depending on their own will, they are not lost, nor are they spiritually dead, nor in prision, or hell, they are free to leave and continue their heavenly career at any time. Most after a million years of earth time of rest, seek the fullfillment of a spiritual career. Some take longer or shorter time, but all after being in the presence of god and being able to see the growth of others, whether consciously or unconsciously choose to progress.

This is also on earth, for all laws are consistent for all are common to heaven and earth.

Use you earth life to progress your celestial career, bring together that which is common in heaven and earth to the fullfillment of your eternal career.

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