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"The Age of Man"
Awaken the "Witness" within
The oldest known Religion / Lifestyle / Calendar in continious existence
for more than 8,500 years. Pronunced - Gaadian (Gaurdian) called the Sons of Light.
Ancient Sumerian ± 4500 BC: Gá = I, myself; my, | Di(e) = Decide(To be like), | An = Heaven. My Life, Spiritual Being Understood. This was the Golden Age
You Become, What You Are "Currently" Taught & Guided By!
Most if not all the Ancient texts were written in a symbolic language, a language called correspondence where pictures represented truths, qualities and ideas, that could easily be understood by kids to adults without loosing its meaning.
"Along Gádian Roads" 
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Gádian Knights

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The history of the Gádian Knights begins approximatley 10,500 bc as recorded by Plato in the mysteries of Atlantis that continues throughout ancient Altaic, Greek, Roman and English histories right up to our time, with the last (officially recorded) forceful death of a knight recorded in ancient Irish History when O'Rouke was executed in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth and James the 6th of Scotland for refusing to join the church, this was in violation of all the sacred rights of hospitality towards man.

In ancient history, as in Athens and Rome, the knight was a noble of the second class who in military service had to furnish his own mount and equipment. In Roman society, the knights (Latin equites) ranked below the senatorial class and above ordinary citizens. A knight forfeited his status if the assessed value of his fortune sank below 400,000 sesterces.

Gádian knight as depicted in ancient Israel at the time of King David in 1037 - 900 BC and earlier.

The Gádians Kinghts are first officially recorded in ancient Sumerian at 6500bc in Northern Anatolia, this history is unbroken till today, with the Gádians being recognized by Governments of 108 Nations, ranging from the British Isles to Japan. Currently about 12% of the worlds population are known as Gádians.

This history can been seen in the nations above by simply looking at the great humanitarians of the past to see how they themselves judged their own actions.

Becoming a Gádian Knight, you will cease to contend with the world, to become one with it. People will see a change in you that will bring joy to them, "Because: if you want to be loved, be loving", kindness will come to kindness, and life will give up its treasures to those who live.

You can become a Knight by taking the Knights oath.

Duties of a Knight

The duties of a knight are as follows:

  1. To make use of all their facalties, capacities and powers of their Soul
  2. To make a right use of them, in such manner as to conform their lives to the Constructive Principles of Nature
  3. To do this to the full limit of their own individual abilities
  4. To do it at all times

Lets make it clear at this point, that a knight is not a Martyr to a cause, religion, government or sect, but a fully independant, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual entity that is aware of their own being in making this a free will choice.

His or Her actions are based upon the self assessment of their value towards their own growth, and not by force of influence.

No Knight is to submit to the principles of service to any person, religion, organisation, government or nation that has at their basis the intent to use them as slave or minion.

Knights are asked to work equally with other Knights in sharing a common vision, and to never submit to the Ego of a knight over the principles of that common vision.

Knights Oath

I (your name) take this Oath in that:

  • I will uphold the laws of humanity towards all people regardless of race, creed, sex or religion.
  • I will uphold the laws of hospitality towards man in serving equally the sick, innocent and displaced, being beholden to no side of a conflict in war be it religious or civil.
  • I will uphold the laws of common good, that in doing I will not judge, criticize or defame those who have freely chosen to follow their religion.
  • I will uphold the laws of decency in that I will not lie, cheat or steal from another.
  • I will uphold the laws of chivalry, in doing no harm, disrespect or degredation to man or woman.
  • I will uphold the laws of life, in developing my own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional maturity.
  • I will uphold the laws of my oath in that if any law, creed, government or religion shall forcefully take away the humanitarian rights of any or all people, I will stand fast in defending them with honor.

By the authority of those who are here now and by the sacred rights of our ancestors we give unto you the title of knight and grant you the rights, duties and privileges of a Knight in the service of humanity.

Welcome, You have now joined the ancient order of Gádian Knights, that have for millenia been the conscience of humanity, in following that human kindness (humanitarian acts) must be available to all, and that fulfilling the spirit of the Law is just as important as fulfilling the letter of the Law.

Now that you have taken this oath, you can find peace in knowing you are yourself, strong in will and peacful in heart, serving all humanity with love and compassion, having embraced the Law of Spiritual Morality.


Some may wonder, is there more to life than being able to honour those who live, co-operation with our own kind, defending those who cannot defend themselves or walking in a path of righteousness.

Yes there is, it is answering the prayers of the just, pure and innocent. How is this to be done on earth? It is to be done by acting from our own God-like nature, our consciousness of the needs of others by observing their lives, and fulfilling their needs by charitable purposes. This is often spoken of as the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.

I has been said "That when you have done what is right, people are not certain that you have done anything at all".


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A lot of people have asked me, "why do all this", my only anwer to them is this "When you can know the strength and charcter of your soul, you will become what you are currently being taught or guided by, good or bad, it is you".

This is the "Third" attempt at defining Man's relationship with their Eternal Father, the "First" attempt was with Adam, the "Second" attempt was with Jesus, both failed to bring changes to the way man (people) thought of their relationship with God.

Becoming a member of the Gadian Society will give you the opportunity to associate with others who have come to an understanding of their own divinity, through reaching a common awareness of their own inherent nature and divine purpose.

You will not be able to recognise those who have come to this understanding as we have no special clothing, public ceremonies or badge of recognition. It can only be felt by those who recognise their own divinity.

This knowledge has been passed on for generations to all people regardless of birth or status, as it by a persons character that you shall know them.

Little Book of "Common" Law




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The information contained in this website may contain information contributed by people who have had special events occur in their lives, some have experienced personal enlightenment (Masters, Sages, Wisemen), near death experiences or conscious awakenings, as all have in common a true recognition of "Self" that encouraged them to start a personal journey along the pathway of life Mastership.

This knowledge is passed on freely to those who would initiate a life of self-unfoldment, so that noone may be deprived of the benefit to which they are entitled and which they must inevitably receive as a result of their Personal effort. It is necessary for each person to solve lifes problem and formulate lifes answer for themselves, in developing an entire philosophy to life. It may be considered, analyzed and elucidated to suit their own personal awareness.

This "Life" is to be our great work of individual development, individual unfoldment, individual attainment. It cannot be delegated. The individual who is to receive the benefits must do the work. There shall be no individual development save that which results from individual effort. They cannot furnish a "substitute".

This information is freely available to all; you may know its truth; all it takes is the faith to believe that your Father in Heaven answers you, the same as I answer my Children when spoken to, as all Parents do! The Father in Heaven will do no less than this, this is His promise to all those who speak to Him. Like when my children ask me, sometimes I think before I answer, or tell them to wait for a moment, but I always answer them.