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"The Age of Man"
Awaken the "Witness" within
The oldest known Religion / Lifestyle / Calendar in continious existence
for more than 8,500 years. Pronunced - Gaadian (Gaurdian) called the Sons of Light.
Ancient Sumerian ± 4500 BC: Gá = I, myself; my, | Di(e) = Decide(To be like), | An = Heaven. My Life, Spiritual Being Understood. This was the Golden Age
You Become, What You Are "Currently" Taught & Guided By!
Most if not all the Ancient texts were written in a symbolic language, a language called correspondence where pictures represented truths, qualities and ideas, that could easily be understood by kids to adults without loosing its meaning.
"Along Gádian Roads" 
"Ancient Places
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Gádian Council

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Jesus invested legislative and judicial authority in the group, not in the individual.

The Council administers the society; it is made up of men and women who have met the criteria for the Council, being that of the Old Testament requirements for patriarchs (Entrusted only to those who are pious, meek, middle-aged, free from bad temper, sober, and not insistent on their rights. And they, who know it, are heedful thereof and observes it in purity, is beloved above and popular below, and inherits two worlds, this world and the future world), the council is divided into 24 Categories with each or several councils administering, these, they are: (this order does not necessarily signify the order of priority or authority)

  1. Executive
  2. Secretarial
  3. Clerical
  4. Educational
  5. Training
  6. Financial
  7. Information
  8. Marketing
  9. Media
  10. Maintenance
  11. Social
  12. ITC
  13. Law
  14. Health
  15. Environmental
  16. Food Technology
  17. Construction
  18. Transport
  19. Engineering
  20. Ceremonial
  21. Counseling
  22. Hospitality
  23. Sporting
  24. Arts & Literature

Each one of these will be suited to the talents of the person, each person is encouraged to experience all these during their lifetime. To participate in each for example when age, injury or need calls a person to either teach or administer the practical skills they once used.

The trust is given to those who make the decisions who understand the consequences that will come from their actions, they must also have the capacity to be able to carry them to conclusion or satisfy the criteria for common law.

Members of the Council are not limited to the 24 and any number of Councilors in existence even just one will constitutes the Council for its reformation in the event that the Society is lost, its history will be maintained.

The Members of the Council (being either male or female) are represented equally, and only defined by their chosen function.

The spiritual and emotional health is vital to the administration of the Council, as the loss of a single councilor would constitute a great loss of knowledge, wisdom and practical skills that can be passed on to future members of the society.

The Council operates or functions such that it does not constitute a breach of the humanitarian, religious, or democratic principles for which the Gádian Society is founded upon.

The Councilors are chosen by the members when they have met the standard for being a councilor, with the members agreeing to the appointment to the council. The members are encouraged from the age of recognition being 40+ years when the level of spiritual and emotional maturity has started to be shown (this time is chosen because the brain ceases to grow and stabilizes into a mature mind, before this event it is known that people are not fully aware of why they do the things they do) shall make it a transitional period from either physical labor or administrative skills to prepare for a position on the council by learning the functions and requirements of the council. Over this period of preparation they will act as aides or assistants to the various Councilors to learn the 24 functions of the Council.

No one person (member) shall be appointed to the council who has not learnt the functions and duties of the council. At no point of time shall non members be appointed to the council.

The Council acts as the representatives of the members during the daily affairs of the society, members may as part of there life until the age of 40+ choose to work in various functions of the council in order to develop their own life skills. Each member from the coming of age may freely choose to express their talents in one of the 24 working areas of the council.

The various functions and duties of the Council administer the moral principles, common law and commerce of the Society, with the set standards being applied equally to all members.


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A lot of people have asked me, "why do all this", my only anwer to them is this "When you can know the strength and charcter of your soul, you will become what you are currently being taught or guided by, good or bad, it is you".

This is the "Third" attempt at defining Man's relationship with their Eternal Father, the "First" attempt was with Adam, the "Second" attempt was with Jesus, both failed to bring changes to the way man (people) thought of their relationship with God.

Becoming a member of the Gadian Society will give you the opportunity to associate with others who have come to an understanding of their own divinity, through reaching a common awareness of their own inherent nature and divine purpose.

You will not be able to recognise those who have come to this understanding as we have no special clothing, public ceremonies or badge of recognition. It can only be felt by those who recognise their own divinity.

This knowledge has been passed on for generations to all people regardless of birth or status, as it by a persons character that you shall know them.

Little Book of "Common" Law




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The information contained in this website may contain information contributed by people who have had special events occur in their lives, some have experienced personal enlightenment (Masters, Sages, Wisemen), near death experiences or conscious awakenings, as all have in common a true recognition of "Self" that encouraged them to start a personal journey along the pathway of life Mastership.

This knowledge is passed on freely to those who would initiate a life of self-unfoldment, so that noone may be deprived of the benefit to which they are entitled and which they must inevitably receive as a result of their Personal effort. It is necessary for each person to solve lifes problem and formulate lifes answer for themselves, in developing an entire philosophy to life. It may be considered, analyzed and elucidated to suit their own personal awareness.

This "Life" is to be our great work of individual development, individual unfoldment, individual attainment. It cannot be delegated. The individual who is to receive the benefits must do the work. There shall be no individual development save that which results from individual effort. They cannot furnish a "substitute".

This information is freely available to all; you may know its truth; all it takes is the faith to believe that your Father in Heaven answers you, the same as I answer my Children when spoken to, as all Parents do! The Father in Heaven will do no less than this, this is His promise to all those who speak to Him. Like when my children ask me, sometimes I think before I answer, or tell them to wait for a moment, but I always answer them.